Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use.

Unless otherwise mentioned, only designated partners hold all the intellectual property and content rights for “S and R Associates LLP”. No part of this website including the built, concept, design, graphics, text and content, UI/UX, media, images, look and feel, etc. or any part or material thereof should be reproduced or duplicated in any form or exchanged for any monetary means that hamper the integrity of “S and R Associates LLP” should be entertained and promoted. In addition to this, no part of the website and its related content should be copied, transferred or reproduced by any means into any form including the old school of thought and by any digital or non-digital means which includes all kinds of storage, etc. without the prior written consent from the Directors / Designated partners of S and R Associates LLP. No part of the website or simply website as a whole should be manipulated or disguised by any means including but not limited to creating frames around our website which may alter the appearance and function of the website, changing its look and feel, built and design and which may hamper the usual function of the website as a whole. If found guilty or involved in any such activity is treated illegally by us and shall be punishable under the law. Whosoever found guilty in this act shall be liable for a punishable offense and “S and R Associates LLP” reserves the right to impose a heavy claim under the law and legal terms. No part of this website or its content or data or any other document which is directly related to the privacy and integrity of S and R Associates LLP should be monitored by any automated programs, robots or by any other means including but not limited to any illegal means, password mining, hacking, etc. whatsoever. Scanning, interfering or probing on the website or its data or exchanging any related information by any means or carrying out any unlawful activity related to the data of the website on the dark web or any other platform or by any means or technology is considered as a cyber crime and is punishable under the eyes of the law.

All our services as mentioned on the website are true and client-driven. Tampering with these contents may record your location and internet protocol address, thus making you liable for a punishable offense. If you encounter any such links on our website which may seem to be offensive, abusive, or deploying privacy at risk, you can reach out to us. We shall review and remove it with immediate effect. S and R associates LLP reserve the right to take any serious action against any individual who violates the website terms of use in conjunction with its privacy policy and cookie policy. S and R Associates reserves all rights to update any clause of their terms of use at any point of time whatsoever.