Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy Statement.

We at Leosagi Associates LLP stay committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. Leosagi Associates LLP privacy policy describes how we collect, store, use or share your personal information. By continuing with our website you agree to our privacy policy and use of cookies related to our privacy policy.

It is Leosagi Associates LLP policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website and the same applies to We strongly believe in fundamental privacy rights and thus our privacy policy extends to every individual irrespective of their place of living, birth, or on the grounds of religion or cast or any financial barriers. Any data or information or related which can identify you or become a mean or a medium in identifying you is treated as “personal data” whatsoever. We respect your privacy and commit to protecting your personal information that you may provide us through our website. Our privacy policy explains about the information we collect through our website, how we use this information, and under what circumstances we might need to disclose it to the third parties. This Privacy Policy is void for the data collected or information from other sources. This Privacy Policy, along with the Terms and conditions mentioned on our Website, sets forth the overall rules and policies authorizing your use of our website. Based on your activities when visiting our website, you'll be required to agree with our additional terms and conditions.

At Leosagi Associates LLP, we do not deprive our clients of their fundamental privacy rights. We respect your decision and thought to know, access, examine, correct, transfer or delete your personal data or any information that is related to you from our records or any database and it is globally served without depriving you of the same. Leosagi Associates LLP shall not deny the above services unless otherwise found suspicious or is prohibited in the eyes of the law or the data is related to any criminal or unlawful activity. We, at Leosagi Associates LLP, constantly battle in making our user experience seamless like never before. We may collect relevant data such as your browsing devices, IP address, geographical location, activity time and length, navigation paths, operating systems and versions, page views, browser type on our website that helps us to understand you and your response towards our website even better. It also includes the information that is received through signing up for our newsletter via email or subscribing to our email notifications, push notifications, registering with our website, taking services from our website, information that may be received through any inquiry forms or any other information that you choose to send to us. Disclosing any other person’s information without his or her written consent is strictly unfair and thus is a criminal offense in the vision of Leosagi Associates LLP. In addition to this, we may ask you to give your feedback to us related to our website based on your experience. "Leosagi Associates LLP" is an integrated technical service firm that offers services in different verticals. "Leosagi Associates LLP" usually connects with its customers through a drop enquiry or contact forms. We may have newsletter signups, account signups for discussion forums on our knowledge portal and several similar to these. These services require your email address and contact number. We may also collect these data through our feedback survey, which may use third-party websites. Leosagi Associates LLP may receive data, store, and shall contact you for the same and shall not be used or misused by us for any other means except those mentioned in our business activities as carried out by Leosagi Associates LLP. However, Leosagi Associates LLP does not guarantee or take responsibility for any such information which we receive through any third party or external source to remain safe or confidential whatsoever. Your privacy is of great importance to us and we constantly improve to keep it secure.

Ads displaying on our website are generated by advertising partners who may use cookies to give you a more seamless experience about your recent web activity. These ads may retarget you, based on your interest and needs or both. However, “Leosagi Associates LLP” does not provide our customer data to any advertising partners. Ads displayed on our website are through ad networks, other website cookies, and ad network algorithms. This privacy policy related to ads and its cookies covers certain terms of cookie policy for “Leosagi Associates LLP” and does not stand liable for any other website cookie policy. “Leosagi Associates LLP” may share your personal information only to its employees and affiliated agencies who may require the same to provide services to you and serve you in near future within the service warranty period and who shall not disclose this information to any other source or organization whatsoever. This information includes your exact geographical location, your email id, your contact number, and your available hours. Some projects might even need your address and door number. Some of those employees and affiliated organizations may be located locally, nationally, or internationally. By using the “Leosagi Associates LLP” website, you agree to the terms of use and transfer of such information to them. “Leosagi Associates LLP” will not exchange potentially personally-identifying information to anyone against any monetary means, other than to its employees, contractors, and affiliated agencies, as described above. “Leosagi Associates LLP” shall disclose information in case of natural calamities, any issues associated with legal, law, and government, or in any emergencies without any prior permission and consent of the individual. However, Leosagi Associates LLP shall not consent with the authorized person just in case of any threats or unlawful activities. If you are registered on our web portal, through account or newsletter sign up, or by any other related activities, we would use this information to keep you updated about our latest changes. It would also help you to get our latest updates on our blog post to keep you updated. We shall restrict our norms to send you the minimum amount of emails that would contain maximum quality information. Through emails, we would update you more about our services, terms of use, and privacy policy. “Leosagi Associates LLP” takes all the measures reasonably necessary in order to protect your personal information against any unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction.

“Leosagi Associates LLP” reserves all rights to update any clause of its privacy policy at any point whatsoever.