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Cookies Policy.

Leosagi Associates LLP website and online services use cookies that enable you to have a rich browsing experience, and help us to measure the effectiveness of our website based on your browsing behaviour. This also helps us to know you better and improve our interaction with you and also to improve our services for the better. By continuing to visit our website, you agree to our cookie policy in conjunction with our privacy policy and terms of use. Because cookies are used throughout, we strongly recommend you to accept our cookies to make your browsing experience even better. A cookie is a string of data sent by the website to the browser and stores on it. This information helps us understand your browser and your behavior towards our website. Our website may use third parties as cookies for ad partners for displaying relevant ads on your screen. Cookies help make your visit to our website even better. Strictly necessary cookies are mandatory that enables you to take the full experience of our website, without which certain parts of the website may not be functional. Some cookies are performance based and shall help us improve our website thus making your navigation and use of our website a little more seamless. These cookies may also be used to let affiliates know how you jump to our website from theirs and complete your recently viewed purchase from our website through display ads or links. This activity does not collect any of your personal information whatsoever. Leosagi Associates LLP uses functional cookies to help analyze your browsing behaviour towards our website, your interaction with our content, your frequency of visit on our website and also to remember your choices and other preferences.

You may anytime disable the cookies related to our website at any point of time. However, Disabling cookies might prevent you from using some parts of our website or may affect your browsing experience to the fullest.